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Ensuring Your Parental Rights Are Protected

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Helping You Navigate through Child Custody Arrangements

More than material possessions, child custody is the major area of contention in divorce proceedings or with unmarried parents in a paternity case.  Without proper legal help, you may lose custody of your child and be forced to distance yourself from your child.

The team at Tampa Divorce helps our clients navigate the child custody legal process and realize their parental rights.  Specializing in legal strategy, our team are experts in demonstrating how our client’s requests are best aligned with the child’s interest.  Our team’s experience over the years have given us the knowledge and understanding of how and when to present the right evidence at the right time to influence the judge’s decision in our client’s favor.

Child custody arrangements can be emotional. You will need someone to keep your emotions in check and not disrupt the proceedings. Our team will help ease your emotions in court and understand the situation from an objective legal perspective.

If you are looking for someone who has experience representing clients in all types of child custody cases, look no further than Tampa Divorce. Contact our team today if want to ensure your parental rights are protected.  Our team will explain everything you should know about arranging for custody of your children and work with you to establish a or modify a parenting plan for you.