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Helping Military Families through Divorce

If there is something more complex than divorce, it is military divorce cases. Military divorce factors in the service process, residency requirements, military benefits, and military pensions. There are also some special rules & regulations applicable to a divorce involving service members.

Our team is uniquely qualified to handle such cases because our Founding Partner has gone through a divorce while on active duty in the United States Navy. Over the years, he has represented service members and their spouses in divorce cases involving difficult contention matters. He understands the additional complications involved, special federal and state rules and regulations, and the military’s division of retirement and benefits.

Robert specializes in military divorces cases and offers guidance on initiating the military divorce, getting the appropriate order to pause the case if the client is deployed while on active duty, amicable division of military retirement benefits, complying with the military specific rules and regulations, property division, child and spousal support, child custody arrangements, and family relocations due to military service.

If you or your spouse are active military personnel and are looking for a fair divorce settlement or a strong advocate to represent you in Court, we can help you. Contact Tampa Divorce today.