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Divorce Is Complicated. Let Us Help You

Divorce is life changing.  Divorce can be devastating.  Divorce can be traumatizing.  Everything you worked for: your home, your children, your pets, your retirements, your investments, your savings, your business, your livelihood, everything… it is all on the table.  Do not go through divorce without a lawyer at your side.

Divorce also effects your financial future: Will you have enough money to make ends meet?  Is your spouse going to take everything?  Will you pay or receive alimony?  What about the money your spouse is hiding?  Will you lose your business?  Will you lose your home?  One thing many people do not realize is that once a divorce is finalized, it is too late.  Except for the most extreme circumstances, you cannot change anything regarding which assets you receive and which assets your spouse receives.

Most importantly, divorce affects your children: How often will you see your children?  Will you be able to make any decisions for your children?  Where will your children go to school?  Will you be able to provide financially for your children?  Can you move or travel with your children?  Should I just sign and be done with it?  All of this will be determined during the divorce process.  Once a divorce is finalized, it is very, very difficult to change.  You must get it right the first time.  Make sure your children have someone fighting on your behalf to ensure you remain a key person in your children’s lives.

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