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Regain Your Parental Relationship with Your Child

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No Parent Should Be Deprived of Their Relationship with their Children

At Tampa Divorce, we believe that no parent should be denied their relationship with their children.  Sometimes, your ex may manipulate your child to cut ties with you.  This can be detrimental to you, your children, and your mental health and wellbeing.

Parental alienation is heartbreaking.  Our Founding Partner is a victim of parental alienation.  Because of this, he knows how brutal and cruel parental alienation is.  As someone personally affected by parental alienation, Robert Angstadt knows the nook and corner of these proceedings.  

Our team are experts in demonstrating the campaign of brainwashing and emotional manipulation done by the alienating parent.  Before the proceedings begin, our team carefully listens to our clients, documents the details, and advises the client regarding managing emotions and what to do.  Also, our team helps clients present detailed descriptions of the alienating behaviors that are victimizing their children and how to be steady, truthful, and direct during their testimony.

The trauma of parental alienation can take a toll on your decision-making ability.  After all, the alienated parent is a victim who did nothing wrong.  You will need someone who helps you make the best decisions during proceedings.

Contact Robert Angstadt today to help you with parental alienation cases. Confide in an attorney who’s been in your shoes.