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Child Support? Get Help from a Top-Rated Child Support Attorney

Child support is the amount of money set by the court to be paid for the benefit of helping the other parent financially with your children.  Without legal counsel, you risk entering into an unfavorable child support arrangement.

The regulations governing child support can be complicated, and several processes may be involved in calculating it.  If you require assistance with any part of child support, such as paying child support, receiving child support, getting a support order amended or modified, or have other concerns, Tampa Divorce can help you.  Our team can provide the advice and advocacy you need on your side.

If your children’s other parent is coming after you for child support, you need a lawyer on your side.  You should not try to handle child support issues on your own.  Without a lawyer, it is you v. the State of Florida.  Even the odds by calling Tampa Divorce today.